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The only solution designed for both educators and students

Assessment generation

Easily generate hundreds different kind of assessment items.

Homework support

Detect weak points, generate schemas, summaries, improve text writing, generate surveys and charts, and much more!


SmartQuiz provides instant scaffolding to learners for incorrect responses, transforming missteps into engaging educational dialogues.


The only tool that supports generation from books, videos and text.

We also have features for Publishing houses

Edu Copilot can help you improve the style of a book, proofreading, etc.

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For both educators and students



Generation from videos

Web Development

Get hundreds of quiz questions from a book

UX/UI Design

Automatic Quiz generation

Brand Identity

Transparent MS Forms integration

Brand Identity

Charts generation


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No matter if you are an educator or a student. This is your tool.

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  • Educator functionalities
  • Student functionalities
  • Generation from books
  • Generation from videos
Educator Plan


  • Different kind of assessment generation
  • Writing support (schemas, summaries, text enhancement, charts, etc.)
  • Generation from textbooks
  • And much more
Student Plan


  • Strengths/Weaknesses detector in homeworks
  • Slide layout & schemas generation
  • Text style enhancer
  • And much more

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Our mission

Transform the education sector by boosting educator and student productivity, saving educators a significant amount of time and effort in creating assessments while providing learners with a personalised and engaging learning experience.

Our vision

Enhance the quality of education by transforming traditional teaching and learning methods into interactive, engaging, and personalized learning experiences, ultimately leading to better learning outcomes for learners.


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Rebecca Ortiz

Amazing tool! It saves me tons of work when preparing homework for my students.

Michael Berillo

Having hundreds of quiz questions with just few clicks leave breathless! This tool multiplies x10 my productivity as teacher.


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